Increased productivity

Through Mindfulness

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leadership excellence


"I along with all of the employees at the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) thank you for delivering the key note address, The Compassion and Power of the Dream during our Combined Federal Campaign event honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It was an honor for me and my senior staff and employees to meet and to listen to your insightful speech on the legacy of Dr. King and the impact he made on America through his leadership."  Mr. Berry, OPM Director

Mr. Vann is a leadership expert, he provides high impact keynote motivational speeches, leadership/team building programs, workplace diversity/inclusion training and mindfulness coaching. He ensures there is focus on the core values, mission, goals, aspirations and hopes of your organization to position you for excellence.  Contact Paul at Wealth Building Academy at (800) 341-6719 to speak with him about how he can assist your organization!

In order to enhance the productivity of your organization your leadership staff and employees must be operating at a high level of effort. Increased productivity through mindfulness leadership excellence is what Wealth Building Academy, LLC does under the auspices of Paul Lawrence Vann. Take your organization to the next level of excellence with leadership and team building programs that set you apart from the competition with mindfulness. Mindfulness unlocks self-awareness, focus, concentration, emotional self-control, clarity of thought and the ability to make transformational change for leadership staff, entrepreneurs and employess.