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A Philosophical Approach

Professional speaking inspires, motivates and empowers people to see themselves through the lenses of others, ultimately resulting in a shift in thinking and action. Spiritual/Life Coaching is about strategy and strategy is about asking questions, formulating ideas, creating solutions and deploying techniques. You'll find no better speaker and coach than Paul Lawrence Vann. The processes Paul uses are designed and proven to help you make better decisions, build strategies, and execute plans to make you or your business life a major success.

Workplace Inclusion Training

Temple Development Coaching

Successful businesses operate with planned guidance but are here to help push and test your strategies, abilities, mapped processes and established frameworks. The same is true with successful people. You won't find a better speaker or coach as the processes used are designed and proven to help you make decisions, build strategies and execute plans to make you or your business a major success. The motivational/inspiraitonal speaking programs, leadership talks, inclusion training and spiritual/life coaching provided by Wealth Building Academy, LLC, not only provides expertise and support but also customized programs that support individuals, corporations, conventions, government agencies, colleges/universities, churches, military, fraternities and sororities, associations and public and private schools.