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Major Higginbotham, Dir., NCLS United States Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, CO

 “Mr. Vann the United States Air Force Academy and 4,400 cadets and staff thank you for delivering three dynamic programs in support of our annual National Character and Leadership Symposium.”                                   

Ms. Rebeiz, Project Manager, National Military Families, Alexandria, VA

“Paul we express our sincere gratitude for you delivering speeches to our inaugural Operation Purple camp program. You reached over 1,000 youth in 12 cities in the following states: Pennsylvania, Utah, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Montana, Washington, Texas, Hawaii, Georgia, Oklahoma and Guam.”

 Mr. Williams, Conference Organizer, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD

Paul, we want you to know the audience members attending your sessions were inspired after hearing you deliver your talks at our annual diversity conference. Great job and we request you return in the near future.”

 CMSgt Benton, Air National Guard, Houston, TX

“On behalf of the enlisted corps of the Air National Guard, thank you for the outstanding support you rendered toward making our Enlisted Leadership Symposium a success. Your presentation,” The Face of an American Warrior” was extraordinary. The feedback that we received was been phenomenal and the symposium has been phrased as “the best ever.”       

 Ms. Robinson, President Federally Employed Women, Washington, DC

“Mr. Vann, the Federally Employed Women, (DC Chapter), wholeheartedly thank you for delivering your Financial Success program at our monthly meeting. Your ability to resonate with audience members is impeccable; we will be contacting you for another session very soon.”